Options for Hiring a bar in Melbourne for a Halloween party

A little trivia about “All Hallow’s Evening” or better known as Halloween goes back to its roots. It is known to be of Christian in origin which means “Saint’s evening.” It eventually turned into a three-day observation of the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, the saints(hallows), the martyrs and those who have faithfully departed.

With this in mind, many parts of the world celebrate it by dressing up as ghosts. Then eventually, it had become socially accepted as a day for dressing up in different costumes. Trick-or-treating amongst kids became one of the Halloween traditions as well as it represents guising and souling. Adults are unstoppable in making it another reason to party though.

Since Halloween is quite different from the other events that are celebratory and joyful, coming up with a Halloween-themed party may be quite challenging. While it is originally an English and American tradition, Australian partygoers love any excuse to dress up though. They seem to be slowly embracing daring to deal with anything spooky, yet one-of-a-kind exciting vibe. Since it is a mix of it all, it is important to hire a versatile venue that can cater to spider webs, lots of white ghostly textiles and inventive Halloween drinks. Speaking of which, why not just hire a bar?

Here are some options for hiring a bar in Melbourne for a Halloween Party.

  1. Party Food Melbourne (03) 9532 0400 – provides delicious party catering services worthy of your money. They organize progressive food stations and a bar loaded up with your preference for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. For a Halloween theme specifically, they call on the daring ones to try their party platters of (1)bloody meatballs, (2)pumpkin, bat, skull veggie platters, (3)witch fingers and (4)cannibal’s delights. They also have an array of dark drinks for this specific theme that includes: (1)Slime illusion, (2)blood shots, (3)chilled black magic and (4)coagulated fizz. Party Food Melbourne truly knows how to throw a party. For more information, visit their website at partyfoodmelbourne.com.au. For the menu “Party Themes”, choices are not visible on their desktop website but may be accessed through mobile or android phones. Look it up.
  • Melbourne Mobile Bars (03) 9819 1952 – is another helpful option if you are to host a party you want to enjoy yourself. Name your event and they will set it up for you with high-end drinks, both alcoholic and not. This may not offer food but for specific party themes, they are more than willing to offer their innovative drinks. They provide numerous liquor packages that make planning your event as smooth and easy as possible. Starting from AUD$8 per drink for a cocktail package up to AUD$12/person/hour with a full swing of any drink they have in the menu, you’ll surely impress your guests undoubtedly. The packages they offer come with bartender hire, glassware hire and mobile bar hire — all for FREE. There’s also an option of a Mobile Cash Bar advantageous to a party that expects great attendance. It only requires a minimum spend of only AUD$1500 in 4 hours but the bar and bartenders are provided with no cost for you.
  • Bottoms Up Bartenders – is one of the leading mobile cocktail service providers in Melbourne. But is one of the few that is committed to preserving the earth. As they provide customizable bartending services for you, they remain carbon positive. They purchase carbon credits to neutralize the carbon they omit. Their passion for great drinks on top of great service is parallel to their passion for environmental care. They also promote seasonal produce whenever possible to give way to making the drinks with the freshest ingredients. Celebrating a friend’s bridal shower? Birthday? Wedding? A corporate event? A Halloween Party? Whether you need a one-man bar or multiple stations, Bottoms Up can surely deliver to your needs while being environmentally friendly all at the same time. Consultations may be done over the phone (1300 500 383) or by emailing them through [email protected]