do you need SEO?

A website can do so many things for a brand. It can help build its reputation by using descriptive pages and images. You can sell products by putting plug-ins that can assist with purchasing. You can make organic information available about the main products through blogs. And most importantly, it can feature user-generated content by encouraging people to leave reviews of their experiences. We’ve researched the best search marketing services to put together this informative post for you!

If you aim to have a successful online reputation, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is always a hot topic. But isn’t putting up a website enough to be accessible? What is there left for SEO to do? Do you really need SEO for your website?

It’s undeniable that SEO empowers your brand considering what it can do, as far as digital marketing is concerned. Brands and businesses know that to sustain traffic, SEO could help in a lot of ways. But regardless of what size of business you have, or how strong its foundation is, basic knowledge on how SEO improves a website could come in handy.

Here are some general reasons why you need SEO:

  • SEO paves the way for organic search queries to point to your website.

In Nina Amir’s book, “How To Blog A Book”, she mentioned that the most important thing to do when you write copy for the internet is to include keywords. Although she mentioned that when you are passionate about what you write, the keywords would eventually surface. Results turn up otherwise when nobody is researching what you are writing about. So much so that if there had been no existing interested community for your business. And this is how SEO helps you.

Everybody would agree that Google dominates all search engines. This is because it is well-equipped with the spiders, bots, and crawlers that are commanded to index billions of Web pages in its hub. While Google is the number one search engine, it also helps businesses by allowing ‘searchers’ to find them online. The thing is, there are 10 results in a page. Yes, you are in the search results, but maybe you’re on the 22nd page? Here’s what you should know. Nobody goes to page 22. This is when SEO becomes useful – it can get you to page one.

  • SEO gives you direct feedback if your website works or not

As it links to the search engines, it uses tools like graphs to show you how much traffic you are gaining from releasing or publishing content. 

One entrepreneur started a business selling backpack frame that protects the back from strain and can be converted into a portable seat. When, for example, you are riding the train and all seats are occupied. When he had just put up the website, there were no sales made online. They built a full-on SEO program for it but there was no actual traffic generated. This is because consumers were not aware that such a product existed. And so they realised, applying SEO program for it was not working at all. So they had invested in ads via social media instead, created noise about the product. Then they generated an audience and gained interested parties. That was their cue to put up the 100% SEO program for the product once again. It gained sales progressively after that.

The point is, SEO sets the trampoline for you. It funnels interested parties into your business which leads to earning more profit. It’s not just the usage of SEO that assures you of a good momentum but also the lack of it from our example. Yet again, without the trial and error at first, we never would have known! So don’t be scared to try new things.

  • SEO sets a good base for your brand with zero costs

Businesses most especially start-ups and local brands benefit from huge deals like this (when they are free). All feedback benefits your business. Some brands look for an expert digital marketing agency, to study and analyse their companies’ performance. 

Google practically owns 75% of the search engine world, since it links to a lot of informative websites. It has a team that reviews the authenticity and originality of these websites. So when your SEO manages to bring your content or product amongst competitors on the first page, it becomes a reliable website as well. This increases your chances of generating serious consumers.

With the help of keywords and key phrases, SEO links your websites to a target public based on their previous purchasing history. It becomes an instant advertisement on that person’s interface because of user-generated data that linked him to the brand.


Your business needs to be out there in the big league, no questions asked. The consumers are going mobile and that is where every business strategy should focus on. While traditional and digital marketing is somehow taken over by social marketing, SEO is still a sure shot since a referral will always prevail. That said, word-of-mouth should never be underestimated. So when communities are formed and relationships are built – links exist. User-generated data creates more links for the SEO to act upon. Investing in it is a wise move since it is the only business strategy that can keep up with this digital pace.